My experience:

  • 7+ years as SEO
  • 3 years working as SEO Manager
  • 4 years as Freelance SEO Consultant
  • SEO Teacher on different platforms
  • +20 success projects
  • Multi language and international seo projects
  • CMSs: WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Fenicio.
  • SEO for JavaScript Frameworks websites

Tools I use every single day

Why this web?

I believe all digital professionals must have a web to show him/her work and demostrate that he/she knows about it publishing content.

In order to share content to people that are in the same point I was some time ago and with all the tips I would have loved to know.

And to generate leads and passive incomes, through helping people for free publishing high valuable content for everybody.

How can I help you?

Depending on your needs, there are 3 ways I can help you to reach your business goals.

SEO Consultancy

Monthly basis service. We will work as a team to increase the traffic from search engines and improve the quality of it.

SEO Audit

Document with all technical and strategic information related to your web's current status and how to improve to get better results.

Coaching SEO

A 100% SEO training based on your company needs. You'll get documents and clear procedures of what you should and shouldn't do on your web.

Let's talk!

Contact to me through the form or my social profiles.

Please, provide all the details you need.

I’ll reply to you asap.

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